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Frequently Asked Questions

Which quality are the MP3s converted to?

The audio files are always converted to the highest available quality which means that'll be at least as good as the audio in the video if not better.

The most common bitrate for the MP3s is 192 kbps, but if the desired video does not provide a bitrate this high then this number will be lower, usually 192 kbps or 128 kbps - you can always check the bitrate after you've downloaded the MP3 by viewing the file's properties.

Are ID3 tags automatically added?

Yes, if we are able to find the correct ID3 tags for your MP3 then we will make sure that it is added to the MP3.
This will allow you to display more information about the MP3 when you're playing it.

What if ID3 tags are not found?

When the right ID3 tags are not found for your MP3, then the thumbnail and YouTube link will be added as the tags.

How can I edit the MP3 before downloading it?

We've tried to make this process as simple as possible.
The recommended way to edit is to use the visual video editor which will allow you to easily select the start and stop time using sliders (available in the options menu located on the download page).
However, you can also manually enter the start and stop time (also in the options menu).